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    My wife is a teacher and I own a landscape business and serve as a youth pastor. That being said, our lives are crazy and Thanksgiving break is really the only time of the year that neither of us have work obligations. We wanted to vacation in a place where there was always something to do while having a clean, comfortable, quiet place to crash at the end of the day. NYC was our "always something to do" and Sanctuary was our "clean, comfortable, quiet place to crash". As I searched for a place to stay the pictures, description, and review of Sanctuary really caught my attention. I was not disappointed. What you see is exactly what you get. Our room was bright, clean, and spacious. The bed was comfortable. The kitchen was spotless and had everything we could have needed to prepare meals. The bathroom was clean and the walk-in shower was a definitely a plus. It was close to subway stations, good local restaurants, and a whole foods market. On top of all of that... It was quiet. As part of our ministry, my wife and I chose to move into a rough neighborhood and reach out to the youth in our community. We hear sirens and yelling constantly. Believe it or not, we had a break from all of that in NYC! Our room was on the back of the building and it was so quiet that we wound up turning on the fan just so we'd have enough background noise to fall asleep. Try finding that anywhere else in NYC! The staff was friendly and very accommodating. We had to leave a night early due to a winter storm that threatened to keep us from getting home for Thanksgiving and the Sanctuary staff went above and beyond to make our early departure as financially painless as possible. The ONLY negative... Parking. Once you find a legal spot, you better not move your car because you'll never find another one. - Eric

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      My wife and I stayed in the Rama suite - it was a marvelous experience all in all. We would come down for the morning meditation and then do yoga. It supercharged our days and gave us a fresh wholesome perspective on life. The Big Apple seemed less intimidating for sure. We even went out to help serve the homeless via the Sanctuary sponsored Food For Life in a nearby park. Wow - that was so much fun and deeply fulfilling. If you're looking for a comfortable & classy place that helps you get in touch from the inside out, this is the spot! - Alan Goldberg

      "hip spot for those who are looking for a jump start for their soul, a boost to their yoga groove and a chill place to reconvene with all that is lovely and serene. You may even see! - Betsy

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        As a writer I was looking for a staycation in NYC that provided me inspiration. Voila - Sanctuary! From the spiritual vibe to the genuine hospitality to the ancient Vedic literatures in my room (which were free to take home with me - and I did), to the chic post modern India decor (check out the lobby), to the free lectures on Bhagavad Gita and daily yoga, to the organic breakfast - score! This place has something so sublime and unique. I got a lot of work done on my book and even more work done on my soul! - Bernard

        After reading "Finding Spiritual Manhattan" in Diva magazine, my partner and I decided to give you guys a go. We wanted to experience the big bad city of New York in a different way, after having been a couple times already - by coming here to open ourselves up for something more - like a transformation of sorts. The staff was incredibly helpful in getting us hooked up with in house yoga classes and kirtans (joyous devotional sing alongs). We did the morning meditation and service to feed the homeless (was actually total blast!). Of course the accommodations were splendid and cozy in a zen kinda way, but the real thing was that just being there had a way of opening up our perspective on what's really important. It was like holiday for our spirit. Awesome programs and cool people. We told all our peeps and we'll be back too. - Alanis Simatovic

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          I had a conference to attend in NYC so I decided to try something new for a change. The Sanctuary draw was all about their motto "while you work or play in the Big Apple, let us nurture your body, mind & soul". It was like a hybrid retreat with a spiritual theme that really worked for me. Organic breakfast started my day off just right (I learned from the staff that it was actually sanctified food offered to God). I could tell the difference my first day - I felt more at peace. I took a few classes on bhakti - the connection between non sectarian religion & genuine love - very enlightening. At the end of the day I'd take a restorative yoga class and wind down. The staff was exceedingly kind and helpful answering many questions I had about their programs. I took a couple of the in room books home (offered to all members). I'm feeling like an improved version of me with a new outlook....gotta love it. - Alberto

          Really enjoyed our retreat like experience at Sanctuary. From the moment we walked in the lobby we felt like we were in another world. Tranquility was the key word with plenty of "at home-ness" to go around. Loved the classes too. Will be back for sure... - Bob and Leslie Klein

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