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    We arrived at the Sanctuary Guest Suites on 10/13/2012. The area is a bit rough around the edges but friendly. Bars, restaurants, laundromats, and shops are tucked away in the area. Katz's Deli (When Harry Met Sally) is only a few blocks away. We were greeted at the door and given the keys to our room and front door to the bulding. The young lady that greeted us was very nice and the building was very clean and smelled awesome! We took the elevator to our room on the 2nd floor. Our room was the Haunaman Suite. The room was bigger than an NYC hotel room, had a sleek modern look and was very clean. The kitchen was nicely arrainged and had clean pots, glasses, pans, and silverware. The bedroom section was very nice, as well. Queen size bed, clean, and the HDTV was fully functional. The patio was nice with 2 chairs and a small table. The bathroom was nice and clean. No major problems, but 4 little issues. First, the water pressure was not strong at all. Secondly, there was no soapdish on the wall to hold the soap during a shower. Third, there was no towel rack in the shower to hold the washcloths and towels. Fourth, acheiving a good wifi connection was difficult, even with the Sanctuary wifi w password. Otherwise, the room was great. Lots of closet space, nice patio, roomy, comfy, and very friendly staff. Due to the location, I think the first time tourist would probably be better suited in a Midtown or Downtown hotel as the neighborhood can be a little intimidating and the nearest subway terminal is a 10 min walk, but if you want more space and to "live" like a New Yorker, this spot is for you! - Kevin H.

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      Having lived in NYC for 10 years (and now moved away for over a decade), the last thing I want to do when I go back to The City is to impose on good friends by sleeping on their couch. I also can't bear the thought of plunking down money on a touristy hotel room. If anything, I want to recreate my old New York living experience by staying in a cozy apartment with all the amenities. The Sanctuary fits those needs PERFECTLY. The check-in process is simple and efficient, and once you get to your "room," one finds themselves in a space that speaks to someone who actually wants to "live" in the city for while, as opposed to merely visiting. The Samedhi suite (where I stayed in the Sanctuary) is a beautifully furnished one bedroom, self-catering apartment that reminded me of my old apartment in NYC -- which is why I felt so comfortable being there. It was an oasis during my day that I could return to and not feel like I was staying in a box-hotel. The staff is helpful, but unobtrusive; and the clientele are all aware that the underlying yoga-vibe means that we all respect one another. I can't recommend the Sanctuary highly enough, but one needs to be aware that if you'd rather be at the Hilton or Marriot when you travel, this place is probably not necessarily for you. Maybe if you dialed down your life, took a deep breath, hit a yoga pose once in a while and then thought about what you wanted out of your temporary stay in NYC, then the Sanctuary would absolutely become your home away from home. - Mike

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        I have an awesome time in NYC and it was made even better by my stay at sanctuary guest suites. Its a very clean and calm environment in the midst of a bustling city. After a long day of running around the city it was so nice to come back and relax in such a nice place. I also want to thank the staff who were so professional and accommodating. I would recommend this a place to stay for anyone going to visit NYC. - Vish

        We stayed here for 8 nights in late June, early July 2012, and chanced upon the booking after leaving our reservations until very late. We arrived after midnight after thirty hours flying, and the greeting was wonderful, welcoming and could not have been easier. During our stay we felt welcomed into a family that we could spend time with or not, as we wished. Room was large enough for two people easily, with great facilities, although we didn't actually use the cooking facilities. Free wifi, although connection was sometimes iffy - but then it was just a matter of going into the lobby. We had a fabulous home cooked vegan breakfast every morning cooked by Lisa, and the coffee was the best we found in NY. Subway station was just a ten minute walk away and there were some really fantastic restaurants and cafes locally. This did not feel like a tourist area, although we were close to Little Italy and Chinatown. Would have no hesitation staying again and am recommending it to all my friends. - Tassie

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          This apartment is in the perfect location in the Lower East Side, within walking distance to Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, and Union Square market. It is clean with a great view from the patio of the skyline and has a really cool vibe about it. The staff were very polite and pleasant. It is one of the lodgings that I'm reluctant to review for fear of it being difficult to rent once word gets out. It is on the fifth floor so beware if you have any mobility or health issues which preclude a bit of a climb. Otherwise it is worth the trek up the stairs. - Robert

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