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Sanctuary NYC is 100% Vegetarian Facility

Sanctuary NYC is 100% Vegetarian Facility. We do this for the following reasons:

– to honor the principle on ahimsa or nonviolence as the highest form of compassion to all living creatures.

– to honor the health/well being of our guests as an act of love & caring. The most recent Harvard Medical study, published in March 2012, conclusively states that consuming an ounce of meat daily (equivalent to a deck of cards) increases the risk of premature death by 20%.

– to honor a sustainable earth and an end to world hunger – an acre of land can produce 18x more grains than if used for livestock.

– there are a multitude of other reasons – for brevity we have included these only.

Thus we do not allow the cooking or eating of non vegetarian items (meat, fish, eggs) in our apartments at any time. We humbly & kindly ask and require that you comply with this rule of Sanctuary NYC. Thank you for your understanding!